Case Study

Promoting store launch with YouTube Ads


A renowned jewellery brand from Kolkata planned to open a new store in the city and hired Digital SAMUROI to plan and execute a campaign.

We used YouTube as our platform to reach out to their target audience, and we successfully helped them increase brand awareness and in-store traffic. 


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About Them

P.C. Chandra Jewellers began in 1939 and grew to be India’s one of the largest jewellery house with a legacy of over eight decades. The founder, Shri. Purna Chandra Chandra’s vision and passion for creating bold and legendary jewellery designs, has been able to carve a way for the company to establish trust amongst its customers for generations now. With the roots in Kolkata, P. C. Chandra Jewellers have 56 showrooms located across 8 cities in India.

For the launch of one of their showrooms, they wanted to reach local customers to increase brand awareness and footfall. We chose a location and gender-based targeting approach to maximize results.


Increasing store footfall & brand awareness

PC Chandra Jewellers launched one of their showrooms and wanted footfall.

Our Solution

Awareness is the key...

After understanding their target audience, we decided to promote the newly launched store on Youtube. We shot a video of the showroom and created an ad campaign targeting a specific age group, gender, and location. Our primary objective was to reach people within 5-10 km radius of the store. The central team also utilized their social media handles to further boost the promotion. The YouTube campaign was especially beneficial due to its brand recognition value which in turn reduced the cost per view and increased the overall click-through rate (CTR). Within a week, there was a noticeable increase in calls and visits to our store.

49.8K impressions in just 2 weeks
7.2% click-trough rate
12.8% lift in brand recall
57.9% increase in store footfall & enquires

Platform & Tools Used


Google Ads


Audience Targetting

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